Our firm was founded in 2019 by 2 like-minded problem solving lawyers, who for over two decades, have focused on aggressive, responsive and cost effective representation of public agencies, private businesses and individuals. We added a top notch litigator, with whom we have worked for over ten years, to head our litigation department, and have recently announced that one of the most respected elected District Attorneys (retired) in California history has joined our firm. Through a novel approach, we have expanded efficiently with the addition of several highly specialized Of Counsels to add significant depth and capability to our representation of our clients in a wide range of matters and complex litigation.

We remain a close-knit group, now eight lawyers, all who have known each other for decades; we are diverse in our demographics, backgrounds, interests and causes. Each of us is passionate about our work, we function collaboratively with a team approach to offer each client the benefit of our collective experience, creative thinking and the thoroughness fundamental to a clients’ success. Our practice is based on an abiding commitment to integrity in our representation, a determination to prevent high fees from diminishing our achievements and on always putting forth a zealous effort on behalf of every cause we undertake.